Daniel René is no stranger to fame or to being on stage because since he was a child he started taking steps into showbusiness, first as a model and then at 12 years old, as a singer.

When he was 14, Daniel René was chosen to be a part of the group MDO (Menudo). One of the biggest Latin boy bands of all time that also launched the careers of Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa, among others. While in the group he got to sing the song “No Puedo Olvidarme de Ti”, one of the group’s biggest hits and now a classic in the world of Latin pop that is still being played over 20 years later. To this day, Daniel René still performs it in reunion concerts occasionally. In 2016, he was part of a Menudo reunion that did several concerts including a sold-out show at El Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de México for over 10,000 adoring fans. From 2017 to 2018 he toured with MDO, as part of the incredibly successful “90s Pop Tour 2” with artists such as OV7, Beto Cuevas, Fey and JNS. They toured all over Mexico to sold out shows including the Mexico Arena with over 20,000 people multiple times. The live cd from the “90’s Pop Tour 2” went gold 2 days after its release.

After Daniel René left MDO, he signed with Sony epic in 1999. He had the opportunity to work with Emilio Estefan, Jon Secada, Randy Barlow, Steve Morales, Diane Warren and Sebastian Krys. In 2003, Univision Music Group released the album “Daniel René” that was produced by Rudy Perez. The self-titled album includes the songs “No me Tortures” and “El Deseo de ti”, a duet with Jennifer Peña. With this production, he received nominations for Best New Artist from “Premios lo Nuestro” and “Premios Tu Mundo”. He Also co-wrote the song “Si Yo Fuera Tu” that is on Servando y Florentino’s Latin Grammy Nominated Album.

In 2007, Daniel René released his second solo album called “Adicto”. An album influenced with Latin rock and pop sounds that he co-wrote himself. For this project, he once again collaborated with Randy Barlow, Francesco Sondelli, Christian Delano, Rafael Esparza, among others.

It is in 2010 that he decides to open “The Rhythm Rehab”, his music studio where he collaborates with other artists and their strength is musical fusions. In 2012, The Rhythm Rehab released “Rebirth” as part of a musical catalog to promote their unique sound. Daniel not only interpreted most of the 17 songs but he also co-wrote and produced the whole album.

In 2018 Daniel René decides to start releasing singles instead of waiting to complete a whole album, because the market is different now. Between 2018 and 2019, he released about 15 singles, in English and Spanish, of which most will become part of his album "Name Is I". This album is the most personal to date, demonstrated in songs such as "Aftermath", "Nothing, Nothing" and "Superficial". It is the first album in which he takes 100% control of every aspect of his music from concept, to writing, to producing and even mixing so that the final product is exactly what he had in mind. In 2019, he also released the video to "Nothing, Nothing" which he filmed in Miami with XS Media Studio.

In 2019, he was invited to be a co-host on "HBO Latino presents: A Tiny Audience". A show where they have interviews and acoustic performances in front of a very small audience of about 50 but with huge stars like Natalia Jimenez, Alejandra Guzman, Diego Torres, Fonseca, Juanes and Draco Rosa among others. The show premiered in February 2020 and is having an amazing response.


In 2020 Daniel René has proven that being home is no excuse to not be productive. He started a nightly IG Live where he has makeup challenges and challenges where artists to list the Top 10 Album that influenced their lives. In March, he released the single and video for "Break Me Out".  A song about wanting to get out of a toxic situation. In June, he decided to be more open about his sexuality and released "Maquillaje" to celebrate it. Within a week, he was invited to do a virtual performance for Wynwood Pride and the 50th Anniversary celebration of Pride in San Francisco. He is looking forward to being a part of more upcoming LGBTQ+ events. 

Between the HBO show, his constant social media presence and the new music you will be seeing a lot of Daniel René this 2020.